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• Heather Christie •

Music Projects

Heather is a founding member of four  active music projects, including her self-titled. For booking: 2sunsbooking.com


Sirens of Soul

A four part women's band, Sirens of Soul is made of of solo artists Alyra Rose, Elisa Rose, Aly Miller, and Heather Christie. Weaving angelic harmonies with soulful anthems, Sirens of Soul has been taking the west coast by the heart for the past year. 

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Silk Drop

Based in Portland, OR, Silk Drop is the collaboration spearheaded by ableton beat wizard Isaac Cotec, aka Subaqueous. 


Feral Fauna

This dynamic duo has been creating music together since 2013. With their single 'Tincture' rising off the charts of Artist Intelligence Agency, Feral Fauna created an irresistible brand of 'bluestronica' that gets the booty shaking and heart quaking.